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  • Ballast Bricks

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    Ballast Bricks

    These are Super Alloy Steel, Ballast Bricks used in critical application
    used for balancing and counterweight for Naval Applications
    • Low Magnetic Permeability
    • Composition ensures corrosion resistance
    • Designed for ease of handling

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  • Improvised Explosive Device Containment Vessel

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    Improvised Explosive Device Containment Vessel

    Containment vessels are used by forces such as National Disaster Response Force (NDRF), Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) and National Security Guard (NSG). These containment vessels are used for detonating improvised explosive devices (IED) and explosives inside them. The entire explosion energy is absorbed inside the containment vessels and hence they are safely deployed to detonate explosives in crowded public areas with no damage to personnel and property.

    The IED containment vessel designed, developed and tested by DRDO, cost effective, one time use alternative which can absorb the blast energy due to explosion of 4kg TNT explosive and 6 kg IED at a distance of 0.5m.

    Key Features:

    • Difficult for violent mob to crossover due to sharp spike in front.
    • SS Perforated sheet Protects security Personnel from stone attack.
    • Dual Protection, protect from ramming car as well as violent mob.
    • Reduces Cost as it is easily transportable.
    • No tools required easily assembled within few seconds.


    Height 1115 mm
    inner Diameter 1000 mm
    outer Diameter 1000 mm

    Material of Construction a. Cylindrical Enclosure IS: 2062 GR.E250 BR
    b. Stool 12 & 16 mm Marine Ply
    c. Caster wheel Heavy duty pressed steel

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  • Man Mounted Cooling System

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    Man Mounted Cooling System

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  • Ship Building Steel section

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    Ship Building Steel section

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  • Space Heating Device-(Himtapak)

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    Space Heating Device-(Himtapak)

    These are Super Alloy Steel, Ballast Bricks used in critical application used for balancing and counterweight for Naval Applications.

    Improving High Altitude Habitability and Sustainability

    Himtapak/Bukahri is an improved and fuel-efficient version of a traditional Bukhari; designed and developed by DIPAS (DRDO). This vented space heating equipment ensures almost Zero emission of Carbon Monoxide and prevents any fire hazard.


    The new Bukhari, designed and developed by DIPAS (DRDO) is a kerosene fueled, safe and efficient vented space heating device.


    • Multiple level safety against back-draft generated blasts.
    • Back-draft resistant exhaust vent.
    • Three impact braking plates between two chambers.
    • No auto ignition of burner if extinguished.
    • No build-up of harmful gases and fumes in the room.


    • Uses only 500-700 ml kerosene/hr.
    • Maximal extraction of heat, no thermal wastage in exhaust gases.
    • Keeps the room comfortably warm by both convective and radiative heating.

    Environment Friendly:

    • Each bukhari prevents about one ton of CO2 and 0.3 tons of black carbon per year from going to environment.

    Design features:

    • Two chambered design, one for hot air blower and other for flue gases.
    • The hot air is circulated in the room with the help of a DC fan that is operated with power generated from a solar panel and stored in a small battery.
    • An improved maintenance free exhaust vent has been provided which works on Bernoulli’s principle and does not allow air coming from any direction to extinguish the burner and thus prevent fire hazard.
    • For the efficient heating a three burner stove has been developed that can also be used for cooking or warming food, heating water, etc.
    • Controllable blue flame, so no soot formation.
    • Bukhari has been designed to extract maximum heat so that there is less wastage of heat at the exhaust level.

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  • Weld Cosumables

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    Weld Cosumables

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