Formerly known as Krishna Allied Industries Pvt. Ltd.
Formerly Known as Krishna Allied Industries Pvt. Ltd.


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RMCU is a seamless solution for milk collection. The integration of technology is a win-win for all stakeholders – the farmers, the society, and the dairy. RMCU measures the Milk weight, FAT, SNF, Density, Protein, Lactose, Added Water, Sample Temperature & Freezing point simultaneously with Adulteration detection. The milk analysis and collection process are completed on acceptance of milk, and the receipt is printed for the transaction. According to the preferred standards, milk that is sub-quality is rejected in the rejection bowl, which can be collected back by the farmer. Real-time dashboards are available via Web Portal & Mobile App with user access management system.


• Automated CIP for milk sensors
• Automatic dosing of chemicals and water
• Eliminates the need for manual handling of milk
• Interactive reports summarising data of milk collected
• Alerts and notification to keep the in-charge informed



Milk Analysis Parameters:


Parameter Measuring range Accuracy
Fat 0.01% to 25% ± 0.1%
SNF 3% to 15% ± 0.15%
Density 1000 to 1160 kg/m³ ± 0.3 kg/m³
Protein 2% to 7% ± 0.15%
Lactose 0.01% to 6% ± 0.20%
Added water 0% to 70% ± 3.0%
Sample temperature 5˚C to 40˚C ± 1˚C
Freezing point 0.04˚C to 0.7˚C ± 0.005˚c


Minimum Limits of Adulteration Detection:


Adulterants Limit of Detection
Urea ≥ 0.1
Salt ≥ 0.2
Detergent ≥ 0.3
Soda ≥ 0.3
Ammonium Sulphate ≥ 0.2
Caustic Soda ≥ 0.2


Capacity (ltr) 25, 40, 50
Power Supply AC: – 220-240volt (max10%, min 5%)
Power Consumption Min. 350 watt, Max 2100 watt
Test capacity 65 Samples per hour


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