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Distribution Vessels

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Distribution Vessels

Distribution vessels are useful to store and distribute food in smaller quantities. Once the food is cooked in bulk at a central location, it must be distributed in smaller quantities to transport and deliver to the required location. Distribution vessels are made of food-grade AISI 304 and come with strong handles to carry the ship with food stored inside. These can also be stacked easily one on another, making them space savers while transporting in vehicles.



• Available in insulated as well as non-insulated variant
• Comes with lids to cover vessels which are interchangeable as well
• Comes with a wide opening which makes it easy to distribute and clean
• Strong material makes them long-lasting and durables



Capacity Height
Outer Dia
Inner Dia
(Kg, min.)
10 Liter 150 345 328 3.5
20 Liter 290 345 328 5.5
30 Liter 440 345 328 7.2

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