Formerly known as Krishna Allied Industries Pvt. Ltd.
Formerly Known as Krishna Allied Industries Pvt. Ltd.

Heat Recovery Unit

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Heat Recovery Unit

A heat recovery unit is an insulated water tank through which pipes carry the refrigerant gas to the refrigerant condenser. The heat released from the condenser is usually wasted in the environment. With the help of a heat recovery unit, heat from the gas is transferred to the water. This water is used to clean BMC during CIP. This saves on the cost and load of BMC operation caused by an electric water heater. A heat recovery unit can preheat the water to 65°C-75 °C, depending on the temperature of the water as it enters the tank and the temperature of the gas.



• Capable to generate 200 Litre Water to 65°C-75°C in one run cycle
• Insulated layer in the body ensures minimal Heat Loss
• Reduces the total Power Consumption up to 20%
• Enhances Profitability of the Dairy
• Modular arrangement can be added on existing BMC’s


Capacity (Litre) 200
Overall Length(mm) 900
Overall Width (mm) 800
Overall Height(mm) 875
Overall Height with stand*(mm) 1940


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