Formerly known as Krishna Allied Industries Pvt. Ltd.
Formerly Known as Krishna Allied Industries Pvt. Ltd.

Dal Storage Tank

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Dal Storage Tank

Dal storage tank is used to store cooked dal or sambhar before distribution. It increases productivity during cooking operations as it gives time for the next batch to prepare while the previous batch is stored in the storage tank and waiting to get distributed. This is a rectangular storage cabinet with six legs where cooked dal is stored. It narrows towards the outlet where distribution vessels are filled to facilitate further distribution. Keeping the agitator running while dal is stored in the dal storage tank is advised to ensure homogeneity.


• Manufacturing material is food grade AISI 304
• Bottom is inclined towards an outlet for easy unloading
• Two outlet valves are provided to ensure filling of vessels with minimal spillage
• Comes with an agitator to maintain homogeneity of cooked food



Capacity (Litre) 1200 2250 3400
Overall Length(mm) 1757 2700 3354
Overall Width(mm) 1430 1935 1785
Overall Height(mm) 1836 1220 1910

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