Formerly known as Krishna Allied Industries Pvt. Ltd.
Formerly Known as Krishna Allied Industries Pvt. Ltd.

Ship Building Steel Section

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Ship Building Steel Section

Bulb bars/flats are asymmetrical plate stiffeners used for ship building hull construction (Ship Hull, Ballast Tanks and Cargo Holds) & Bridges (Box & Plate Girder, Steel Decks and Expansion Joints). These special profiles provide a wide range of benefits compared to conventional plate stiffeners used for the purpose. The benefits are available at the time of construction as well as during products (Ship / Bridge) life. The significant benefits prompted the designers/constructors to use these special profiles on increasing scales.

Krishna Defence and Allied Industries Ltd. has manufactured Bulb bars in a wide range of sizes and lengths per specification and supplied to the Indian Navy over the last 5 years. Bulb bars of different sizes and lengths and desired steel specifications can be manufactured at our works to suit the client’s requirements.


  • Maximizes resistance to buckling due to increased strength to weight ratio and saving in weight @ 40%.
  • Easy access for welding and painting.
  • Simplified collar connection.
  • Reduced coating material and painting cost due to reduced surface area.
  • Reduction in time for cleaning ballast tanks, cargo holds, and Port as foreign materials unlikely to get trapped in “Blind Corners” due to curved & rounded profile.
  • Moisture and pollutants are less likely to get trapped due to curved & rounded profiles.
  • Welding is quicker and easy.
  • Easy access for inspection.


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