Formerly known as Krishna Allied Industries Pvt. Ltd.
Formerly Known as Krishna Allied Industries Pvt. Ltd.

Cow Grooming Brush

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Cow Grooming Brush

The Swinging Cow Grooming Brush provides the best solution and avoids all such difficulties faced by the cattle, thereby giving them comfort during such activity. Cow health, comfort and welfare altogether are improved by grooming brushes. With access to the grooming brush, they are cleaner and happier and spend about fivefold more time for grooming compared with when brushes are not available. And this enhanced comfort results in higher milk yield for the farm overall.



• Power saving by automatic on/off based on cattle contact
• Longer product life and easy availability of spares
• Comes in ready to mount position
• Swing action in multiple planes provides better access to body parts of the cow
• Easy changeover of consumables (e.g., Brush)




Operating Power 1 Phase 230 VAC
Motor Power 180 watt/ 0.25 HP
Switching Through Timer, Sensor, and Relay
RPM 18
Nylon Brush Diameter 400 mm/ Length 600 mm
Swinging In Horizontal Plane, 360 Degree in X and Y Direction
Total Weight 90 Kg
Mounting Height To be adjusted to suit the cows
Installation Indoor/ Outdoor

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