Manufacturers & Exporters of Bulb Bars, Dairy & Kitchen Equipment, Steel Sections


Our Businesses

Dairy Equipment


We manufacture Milk Cooling Tanks or Bulk Milk Coolers, Smart Level Indicators, Milk Cans, Milk Tanker Security Systems, Milking Machines, Dairy Milking Parlors, Containerized Milk Collection Units, Smart Level Heaters and more.


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Kitchen Equipment


Kitchen equipment manufacturers in India have to think not only about making it feasible for the local population but also know where it will be needed. We manufacture bulk cooking equipment like Dal Cooker, Dal Storage Tank, Rice Cooker, Roti Making Machine and more.


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Bulb Bar

Bulb Bars


Bulb bars / flats are asymmetrical plate stiffeners for Ship (Ship Hull, Ballast Tanks, Cargo Holds and like) & Bridge (Box& Plate Girder, Steel Decks and Expansion Joints &like) construction work.


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Krishna Allied Industries

Manufacturers & Exporters of Bulb Bars, Dairy & Kitchen Equipment, Steel Sections

Krishna Allied Industries has a history in manufacturing in India for the needs of India. The company was the first among the dairy equipment manufactures to shift from using aluminium milk cans to stainless steel milk cans. There are also products like the bulk milk cooler and milking machines made to high quality specifications. This level of production has come to be expected from one of the top dairy equipment manufacturers in the country.

In 2005, the Indian navy was in need of a company who could perform a special industrial project for them. Amongst, all the bulb bars and flats manufacturers, Krishna Allied Industries was the only one capable of fulfilling their request.

Since it has had a history of creating products for handling and monitoring large amounts of milk, we also ventured into joining the kitchen equipment manufacturers of India by manufacturing rice cookers and dal cauldrons. Krishna Allied Industries has multiple manufacturing sites and will continue to be a part of the emerging new landscape of good manufacturing facilities.

Founder's Message

Ashwin Shah- Founder of Krishna Allied

26th April 2015, The HinduBussinessLine


"Mumbai based Krishna Allied Industries has indigenisies the manufacturing of BulbBars produce warship for the Navy. "It took month of trail and error to make them to the navy's specification", said Ashwin Shah Founder and Chairman of Krishna Allied Industries"


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