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Containerized Bulk Milk Cooler

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Containerized Bulk Milk Cooler

Containerised BMC are an efficient solution for remote areas, where finding an appropriate place and construction of building for collection centre is a difficult task. It also saves the cost and hassle of installation and preparation on the collection site, preinstalled in a container.



• Saves construction cost
• Movable in nature
• Saves time of construction and installation
• Inverter with battery backup saves the cost of the DG set.





Length 20′
Width 8′
Height 8’6″
Insulation 50mm glass wool 40 kg/m3 density



Capacity 500 L/1KL
Smart Water Heater 200 L
Milk Pump 5000 LPH
Starter DOL starter 4 – 6.5 Amp
HDPE tank 500 L
Condensing Unit CR36 / MT36 / MLZ21
Power Single Phase / Three Phase
Stabilizer 10KVA single / three-phase


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