Formerly known as Krishna Allied Industries Pvt. Ltd.
Formerly Known as Krishna Allied Industries Pvt. Ltd.

Rice Cooker

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Rice Cooker

Rice cooker is designed especially for bulk kitchens that are preparing meals for thousands of people on a daily basis. This cooker is a Triple-layered vessel to cook Rice in bulk quantity. It comes with a tilting mechanism with three possible variations: manual, hydraulic, and motorized. The body of this cooker is made of AISI 304, which is food grade and recommended for food operations. This also has a foldable lid on top to make cooking easier and the cooker accessible.


• Two variations available with Steam-based and LPG based burners
• Increased bottom thickness for longer equipment life
• Insulated with high-density mineral wool to minimize heat lose
• Strainer and drain valve provided to drain excess water
• Comes with attached temperature indicator and hot and cold-water pipelines.

Hydraulic Rice Cooker :

Capacity (Litre) 700
Overall Length(mm) 2127
Overall Width(mm) 1863
Overall Height(mm) 1410

Motorised Rice Cooker :

Capacity (Litre) 700
Overall Length(mm) 2040
Overall Width(mm) 1880
Overall Height(mm) 1217

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