Formerly known as Krishna Allied Industries Pvt. Ltd.
Formerly Known as Krishna Allied Industries Pvt. Ltd.

Kero-Petro Milking Machine

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Kero-Petro Milking Machine

Milking machines were designed to minimize human contact with milk which helps in maintaining hygiene during milking and produces a lower bacterial count. An added benefit of milking machine is saving cost and time effectively and having a maximum output to improve economic benefits for dairy farmers.
Kero-Petro milking machines operate on kerosene as starts with petrol which makes them highly useful for the areas with irregular or no electricity supply.



• Reduction of dependency on skilled farmworkers
• Easy operation
• Reliable and durable motor, vacuum pump, and assembly
• Same engine can be used for other operations like chaff cutting etc.


Milk Can 25 Lt (01 Nos.)
Cluster Assembly 01 nos.
Electric motor with cable 1 Hp
Vacuum Pump 160 LPM
 Engine Kero -Petro Honda Engine
Pulsator type Pneumatic Pulsator
Cleaning Two Sets of Cleaning Brush included one Long Brush for Milk Tube cleaning and a short Brush for rubber Liner Cleaning. Brush with SS handle will be preferable.
Pulsation Rate Pulsation Rate 50 to 65 (2:2) PPM (Pulses Per min)
SS Teat Cups SS304 Suitable to the liner and properly fitted
Milk Pipe material Food Grade

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