The Highest Award

In recognition of the Company’s effort, beginning from research to industrial production of Bulb Bars and the unique state of art technology of its Heat Treatment facility, which was praised and approved by not only by Indian Scientist but also by the Russian Scientist, one of the highest award- The Defence Technology Award 2013 was… Continue reading The Highest Award

Dedicated Facility Developed

The Company setup its own state of the art Heat Treatment Plant for Bulb Bars. It is a dedicated facility developed, keeping the production cycle of Bulb Bars mainly for Indian Navy. The new facility is a unique furnace in its own way which received its acceptance and recognition even by Russian Technology Consultants &… Continue reading Dedicated Facility Developed

Rapid Growth On Dairy

The Company was making rapid growth on the Dairy front also and had wide customer base all across the country. This large base of customers helped the Company add new products like Milking Machines, Bulk Milk Coolers, Milk Cooling Tanks, etc. in the Dairy segment.

Approched By Indian Navy

The Company was approached by the Indian Navy to develop Bulb bars an asymmetric section which was a very critical component for the Indian Navy’s indigenisation program.

First Step

Mr. Ankur Shah B. Engg Production joined the Company and started exports and added other products to their spectrum like SS Milk Funnels, Milk Collection Trays etc.

Company Established

The Company was the first to introduce Stainless Steel Milk Cans for the Dairy Industry as a replacement to Aluminium Milk Cans