Formerly known as Krishna Allied Industries Pvt. Ltd.
Formerly Known as Krishna Allied Industries Pvt. Ltd.

Space Heating Device-(Himtapak)

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Space Heating Device-(Himtapak)

Improving High Altitude Habitability and Sustainability

Product Highlights

The new Bukhari, designed and developed by DIPAS (DRDO), is a kerosene-fueled, safe, and efficient vented space heating device.


  • Multiple level safety against back-draft-generated blasts.
  • Back-draft resistant exhaust vent.
  • Three impact braking plates between two chambers.
  • No auto-ignition of the burner if extinguished.
  • No build-up of harmful gases and fumes in the room.


  • Uses only 500-700 ml kerosene/hr.
  • Maximal extraction of heat, no thermal wastage in exhaust gases.
  • Keeps the room comfortably warm by both convective and radiative heating.

Environment Friendly:

  • Each bukhari prevents about one ton of CO2 and 0.3 tons of black carbon per year from going to the environment.

Design features:

  • Two chambered designs, one for hot air blower and the other for flue gases.
  • The hot air is circulated in the room with the help of a DC fan that is operated with power generated from a solar panel and stored in a small battery.
  • An improved maintenance-free exhaust vent has been provided, which works on Bernoulli’s principle and does not allow air coming from any direction to extinguish the burner and thus prevent a fire hazard.
  • For efficient heating, a three-burner stove has been developed that can also be used for cooking or warming food, heating water etc.
  • Controllable blue flame, so no soot formation.
  • Bukhari has been designed to extract maximum heat so that there is less wastage of heat at the exhaust level.

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