Formerly known as Krishna Allied Industries Pvt. Ltd.
Formerly Known as Krishna Allied Industries Pvt. Ltd.

Multipurpose Launcher (MPL)

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Multipurpose Launcher (MPL)

All coastlines are difficult to protect; multiple vessels are deployed depending on the agency and purposes such as border protection, anti-smuggling, anti-piracy, fisheries patrols, rescue, war, and immigration law enforcement. Marine Police, Coast Guards, BSF, Navy, etc., use boats or other vessels to patrol major rivers, lakes, wetlands, international waters, or transboundary waters.

Made in India, the Multipurpose Launcher is an essential tool for marine protection. The Multipurpose Launcher can deploy various lines to distances up to 150m. Because the Multipurpose Launcher is a non-pyrotechnic line thrower, it does not require special storage and shipping. This pneumatic line thrower replaces traditional pyrotechnic line guns with an intrinsically safe option. The system is powered by compressed air, and the components can be reused, making line-throwing training an inexpensive operation.




Twin Line Container
• Useful for multiple deployments.
• Varied lines with different ranges can be used.
• Very effective to stop multiple vessels in one charge.
• Length = 360mm
• Width = 205mm
• Weight = 3.85kg

Launcher Mount
• Mount makes it easy to handle in a high-speed pursuit.
• Counter recoil spring for stability while launching the line.
• Easy to mount using quick-release tabs

Folding Grapnel Hook
• The Folding Grapnel Hook is a deployable hook that is seated

completely inside the trident launcher barrel.

• Overall Length = 430mm
• Folded Diameter = 60mm

Auto-Inflating Rescue Slin
• Automatic inflation
• Retro-reflective tape
• Easy to deploy
• Safe working load = 175kg

Fibre Ladder
• Rung Spacing = 300mm
• Ladder Width = 200mm
• Weight = 2.5kg /10m
• Breaking load = 2180kg

• Creates below water security zone barrier.
• Woven and spliced using high-performance synthetic fiber rope.
• Can be deployed mid-sea upto 120m deep
• Perfect for oil rigs, fishery protection, piracy, counter-smuggling, or counter-


• Wraps around a vessel’s propeller to disable maneuverability.
• Height – 1.5m
• Length – 30m (extendable as required)

• Creates above water security zone barrier.
• Woven and spliced using high-performance synthetic fiber rope.
• Force protection for classified locations.
• Highly visible fence that stops attack vessels far away.
• Can be designed to suit local weather conditions.
• Height – 1.2 to 2.4m
• Length – 30m (extendable as required)


Specification of Multipurpose Launcher


Length 800 mm
Height 350mm
Weight 7.9kg
Diameter / Calibre 62.5mm
Working Principle Compressed Air
Material of Construction Aluminium & Stainless Stee
Resistance Fully Immersible in Sea Water and Withstands Extreme Tropical Conditions
Line/Drogue Length 40m
Adjustable Pressure 10 to 100 bar

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