Man Mounted Cooling System

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Man Mounted Cooling System

Microclimate cooling garments have been found to be very effective in alleviating the effects of high temperature. A solid-state cooling system, called Man Mounted Air Conditioning System (MMACS), has been developed by DIPAS on the principle of ‘Peltier Effect.’

Key Features:

• Thermoelectric cooling is based on the ‘Peltier Effect’ in which current passed

around a circuit of different materials; one junction gets heated while the other junction is cooled depending on the direction of current flow.

• Design of components was carried out by thermal impedance matching principle.

• The cooling systems employing this technology are solid-state and CFC gas-free

devices. These are highly reliable, low power consuming, and easily maintainable devices.

• The portable unit would be meant for individual use.

• Cooling unit weighting of 1500 gm and the battery of 750 gm. The power

requirement is 3 AMP and 12 V, and this rechargeable battery provides power support for a period of 150 minutes. The unit would be wearable on the body, and the user will be able to carry the unit comfortably (lightweight).


• The unit can be used to provide microclimatic cooling, and if the direction of

current flow is reversed its capable of providing heat.

• The system can be used as both a microclimate cooling and heating device for

working in extremely high and sub-zero ambient temperatures.

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