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Long Range LED Search Light

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Long Range LED Search Light

High performance; Super high luminous LED

Features of “Long Range LED Search Light” Super high luminous LED

• The light can go upto 1500 mtrs
• Function Mode: light/blink/off
• LED life more than 10,000hrs
• 100% Uniform irradiation
• High luminous efficiency and low heat generation

One-piece structure with built-in battery

• Rechargeable high-performance lithium ferrite batteries with flame retardant
• Can be used continuously for 50 minutes
• Excellent portability
• Lightweight body of 4 kg

Excellent weather and impact resistance Waterproof & Dustproof (IP67)

• Can be used under harsh weather, high temperature, high humidity, etc.
• 6 directions 1 m drop test clear




Guard and monitoring Border security Coast guard Prevention of smuggling
Disaster relief Searching activity (disaster area, distress accident, etc.) Rescue in the dark place(power outage, night time, etc.)
Riot control Control without guns Control reckless vehicles
Anti-drone Searching & tracking drone Recording interference



Lighting source Super high luminous LED/80w
Lighting mode Light/Blink
Beam intensity 3,100,000 cd
Irradiation angle Changes angle from 14 degrees (flood)to 2 degrees (spot) continuously
Illumination area from 1.0km away Flood mode: Φ250m
Spot mode: Φ 35m
Battery Litihium-ion Rechargeable
Battery Life Lighting 50 min. / Blinking 150 min.
External power source
Dimension Flood mode: 526 x 133 x 230 mm
Spot mode: 612 x 133 x 230 mm
Weight 4.2 kg (Main body: 3.0kg, Battery: 1.2kg)
Accessories Rechargeable battery, Battery charger, Sling, Hard case

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