Formerly known as Krishna Allied Industries Pvt. Ltd.
Formerly Known as Krishna Allied Industries Pvt. Ltd.

Ekomilk Spectra

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Ekomilk Spectra

Ekomilk spectra is a milk analyser that analyses milk on both Mid-infrared and ultrasonic principles. It brings the best from both technologies together using ultrasound for proven, cost-effective, and robust measurement of milk parameters and Mid-Infrared for fast, highly sensitive detection of Adulterants.



• Simultaneous measurement of Fat/SNF and detection of adulteration
• No acids or other chemicals used for sample testing
• Remote calibration procedure with custom calibration – Cow, buffalo, mixed milk,


• RS232/USB/GPRS/Bluetooth/Wi-Fi/Ethernet interfaces and colour TFT Display

with resistive touch screen


Techanical Parameters


Ambient air temperature 15° – 35 °C
Milk temperature 5° – 35°C
Relative humidity 30% – 80%
AC Power Supply voltage 100- 240VAC +10/-15%
50/60 Hz
Power Consumption <50 W
Dimensions ( W x D x H ) 380 x 310 x 285 mm
Weight 4.5 kg


Specific Adulteration Detection (Mid-Infrared)


Ammonium Sulphate Added Water
Urea Vegetable Fat
Melamine Soda Bicarbonate
Nitrates (Ammonium, Potassium) Synthetic Milk (veg. oil, urea, detergent, water)
Sucrose Maltodextrin
Abnormal Milk – in case the milk has been contaminated with unknown adulterant


Milk Parameters (Ultrasonic)


Fat 0.5% – 12.0% : 0.01%
Solids non Fat (SNF) 6.0% -12.0% : 0.01%
CLR 0.0 – 40 : 0.10%
Added Water to Milk 0.01% – 60% : 01%

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