Features of Dal Cooker :-

  1. Capacity – 3000 / 2000 Ltr
  2. Capable of Cooking Dal, Sambhar & Vegetables
  3. Complete body fabricated from AISI 304 Food Grade SS
  4. Made from Double Walled Stainless Steel and PUF insulation to to avoid waste steam
  5. Provided with an agitating motor for automatic stirring during cooking helps maintain homogeneity
  6. Cooking time reduced to half due to retention of most of the steam in the vessel
  7. Bottom of vessel provided with a slope to ensure complete draining
  8. Spray Ball provided for CIP System (Clean in Place)
  9. Provided with a removable steam jacket to ensure 100% cleaning
  10. No Sharp edges on the inner tank to maintain hygiene

Side Views of Dal Cooker