Ashwin Shah- Founder of Krishna Allied

Mr. Ashwin N Shah

Founder and Chairman - Krishna Allied Industries

Education - Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical & Electrical), Mumbai University

Work Experience - 40+ years of experience in Rolling and Steel Industry

Mr. Ashwin N Shah is from Mumbai who started erstwhile company Krishna Industries in the year 1996 which was engaged in manufacturing Dairy and Kitchen Equipment. In the year 2005, he innovatively developed technique of Rolling of Steel Bulb Bars which was a project of National importance for the indigenization programme of the Indian Navy which helped India to join the elite list of countries which build their warships from their own steel.

For his significant role in production of Steel Bulb Bars of various Sections, Rolling Parameters and Novel Heat Treatment Technique, The Defence Technology Absorption Award 2013 was conferred on Krishna Industries. This prestigious award was handed over by Honorable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi on 20 Aug 2014. At present he heads Research & Development division of the company.

Mr. Ankur A Shah

Managing Director - Krishna Allied Industries

Education - Bachelor of Engineering (Production), Mumbai University

Work Experience - 15+ years of experience in Rolling and Steel Industry

Mr. Ankur joined the company in the year 2000 after completing his degree in Engineering (Production) from Mumbai University. He introduced advance & innovative technology in order to increase output and improve the quality of products manufactured. His role for the growth of the company across the India is vital. He is an active Rotarian and has received various accolades for his contribution towards social causes. Currently he heads Strategy, Finance and Business Development of the company.

Mr. Sandeep Kadam

Head of Engineering Department - Krishna Allied Industries

Education - Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical), North Maharashtra University

Work Experience - 18+ years of experience in Process Engineering

Mr. Sandeep joined the company in the year 2012. He is Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) from North Maharashtra University. Earlier he served MNC which is a leading manufacturer of Dairy Equipment as a head of the Engineering Department for 12 years. In the year 2002, he completed Clean Milk Production Project for Installation in record time of 60 days at 20 sites under TIFAC. (Technology Information forecasting and Assessment Council). He and his team look after manufacturing of the company.


Mr. Suvendu Banerjee

Education - Bachelor of Science, Vidyasagar University (W.B) & PGDCA, Department of Electronics, India

Work Experience - 15+ years of experience in IIT-Kharagpur

Mr. Suvendu Banerjee is expert in Electronics, Software, Simulation and Controls. He served 15 years as a Project Manager of a Faculty Entrepreneur in Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur and manages 8 big Projects related to Indian Defence and DRDO-R &D. He was a core member of a joint research team of I.I.T, Kharagpur and Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute (CMFRI), Visakhapatnam, and headed electronics and sensor supervisory control.

He wrote some papers on Systems & Supervisory Controls such as “A CBR Based Screening and Grading of Complex Medical Illness” published in Computer Society of India CSI-2006. PP. 211-214. At present he is HOD – Electrical & Electronics.